Call Management – Documenting the Call

If the problem can be resolved by the first level and is not a standard problem, then the problem and resolution need to be documented. This does not need to be done immediately, but the sooner the better, as you are liable to forget details. If you are using a commercial help desk software, many have the ability to mark the record to say "this solution needs to be documented." If you develop your own system (i.e., software), then you need to include a field in the solutions table to indicate that the solution has not yet been documented. Some commercial software makes adding new solutions so easy that there is nothing gained by putting it off.

It\’s up to you whether calls with undocumented solutions should remain open or not. I feel that the call is not really finished until the solution is documented. However, it’s your decision. As you know, the person taking the call is often not the one to solve it, even at the second level. If they go to the expert who tells them to change the settings on the LaserJet printer, then the original analyst did not solve the problem. They may also not be in a position to write an effective solution into the knowledge base. That might be the job for the expert. By marking the database to indicate the solution has not been documented, you can easily look for these solutions.

Therefore, you need a mechanism in your system to search for these undocumented solutions.The manner in which you document the solutions will depend on what means you havechosen to store them. If you choose HTML, then an editor is the tool to use. If you decide tointegrate the solutions into the database, then you need to look for a mechanism within thedatabase to add this information. Many will allow you to import text, so you can still use an editor.

When the call is escalated to the second level and the analyst decides that a problem number is warranted, I suggest that the user be notified that the call has been escalated. Tell them that the call has been escalated, who the person is that is working on it, and what the problem number is. This helps to assure the user that the problem is actually being worked on.